Frequently Asked Questions

mortgage_expressHere are some of the most frequently asked questions that customers have when they are calling Mortgage Express.

Why can I not take out a mortgage from Mortgage Express?

Mortgage Express no longer accept new business since the company was nationalised following the economic collapse. It does not provide further loans to existing customers either. If you wish to do either of these, you will have to seek a new company. You may wish to find one using Deal Finder, an independent service that provides financial information about lenders that is run by Defaqto.

What if I am struggling to make payments?

Mortgage Express have a team of experienced people who can help you if you are worried about paying off your mortgage. You can call the Mortgage Express contact number to speak to someone who can offer advice about what steps to take. You can also reach out to independent, third party experts who can help you with these issues. These include Money Advice Service and Citizen’s Advice.

Can I change my payment method?

Most of Mortgage Express’ mortgages require that you pay by Direct Debit. However, you can contact Mortgage Express to discuss alternative payments. You might wish to do this if you need a more short term solution. You can amend the details of a Direct Debit by calling the Mortgage Express contact number as well.

Can I make an overpayment?

Making over-payments is one of the ways that many customers choose to improve their financial position. Each of these payments reduces your mortgage balance as well as the interest you are charged over the mortgage period. Even small payments are known to add up, making a large difference to the overall amount that you will pay. You can make unlimited, penalty in lump sums or monthly payments with Mortgage Express.

Is it safe to carry on my mortgage with Mortgage Express or should I re-mortgage elsewhere?

It is completely safe to continue paying your mortgage through Mortgage Express. The company continues to support existing customers.

What happens if I fall behind on my buy-to-let mortgage repayments?

If you fall into mortgage arrears on your buy-to-let mortgage, you should contact Mortgage Express immediately to start resolving the issue.

Will my interest rates rise over the course of my mortgage?

Unfortunately, it is likely that the interest rates placed on your repayments will increase over the years. Mortgage Express aims to do everything that it can in order to avoid the interest rates increasing too suddenly.

Can you review my mortgage?

Mortgage Express understands that the economic downturn has been difficult for customers. Fortunately, mortgage experts are just a phone call away and they can help you discuss your situation, offer guidance and put you in touch with independent organisations who can help. To take advantage of this helpful service, call Mortgage Express contact number.

 What types of mortgages are there?

There are many different types of mortgage. It is best to speak to a mortgage advisor who will decide which type of mortgage suits your individual needs. They vary from an interest only loan, where you only pay the interest before paying back the capital on your house, fixed rates where the rate you pay does not change and more.