Mortgage Express UK Customer Services

mortgage_calculatorMortgage Express no longer issue loans to new customers since it was partly nationalised and partly sold off to the bank Santander. Existing customers, however, can still call Mortgage Express UK’s customer service team and speak to a representative. Below you can find the opening and closing times for their customer service phone lines throughout the week.

Mortgage Express Customer Service’s Opening Hours

8:30am – 6pm
8:30am – 6pm
8:30am – 6pm
8:30am – 6pm
8:30am – 6pm
9am – 1pm

Why Should I CallĀ Mortgage Express UK Customer Services?

There are many reasons why an existing customer of Mortgage Express might want to speak to someone at the company.

If you are struggling to make payments, the company still has an experienced team of staff who are able to advise you about what steps to take. If this does not prove beneficial, you may wish to call Citizen’s Advice who can offer independent guidance about how best to pay off your mortgage.

You can also choose to change the way you pay as well. Generally, Mortgage Express requires you to pay via Direct Debit with payments coming out every month. However, their customer service team should be able to talk you through alternatives for a short term solution.

You may also wish to make over payments. If you believe you are not in the best financial position and wish to make an improvement, over payments are one of the ways that customers can do this. Doing it can reduce your mortgage balance and thereby improve the interest rate you are charged for the duration of your mortgage. You can make unlimited over payments with Mortgage Express without fear of penalty. You should callĀ Mortgage Express UK Customer Services for more information about this.

However, one of the things that the Mortgage Express customer service team cannot help people with is borrowing even more money. As they are now closed to new business, the company is unable to issue more money to customers unless it is an exceptional circumstance. To do this, you will have to move your mortgage to a brand new lender. Speak to a mortgage broker or a financial adviser to begin this process. They will be able to offer impartial, unbiased advice from an expert point of view. The Mortgage Express customer service team can refer you to someone to speak to if you wish.